InStrengths Profiling helps you take a pause and look within. It helps you bring light into your thinking process, emotional states, internal sense of power, degree of joy and state of wellbeing of your body. Through research we have clarified these as eight different parts of your being and the tool reveals your strengths present within these. The 8 parts of being are: Physical, Sensory Enjoyment, Dynamic Energy, Emotional Care, Data Mind, Creative Mind, Integrative Mind and Deeper Self.

It would take you about 25 minutes, to work through reflection questions across the 8 parts of your being. Once you submit, along with some reflection and demographic details your overall graph and an InStrengths Lite report will appear for download.

Reflect. Gain insights.
Express and transform your life, work and potentials

10 mins walk-through video

Your Guide to InStrengths ProfilingTM Tool